Michel Yun (French relationship): his secrets about his role as a father

mini series French affair go down at TF1 on Monday 20 September 2021. On the occasion, Michael Yoon, part of the cast, captivated in columns pocket tv, where he talked about the education of his sons, Seven and Stellar.

Michelle Yun is back at the front of the stage. From this Monday, September 20, 2021 representative He will present his features to RTL journalist Jean-Michel Besina, in a French affair, broadcast on TF1. This short series is eagerly awaited by many viewers. In fact, the first season relives one of the most exciting news of the 20th century: The case of little Gregory, whose body was found lifeless on October 16, 1984, in Volonia, one of the rivers in Vosges.

revealed in morning live On the M6 ​​in the early 2000s, Michael Yun Not limited to comedy roles althoug. By the way, the 47-year-old actor, who also starred red bracelets or The day you burned my heart It is also in the credits run awayIt will be broadcast starting Thursday, September 23 on Channel One. Incarnate there again Serious character in a drama series. What annoys him as a person? : “There must be something left of it because I speak of it with affection. It shows many aspects of the human soul”, Do you slip into pillars mag tvThis Monday, September 20th. To follow up: Is it age, paternity, or ten-year roles, I don’t feel like the same guy anymore. another human being. I discovered other feelings I experienced by proxy and it affected me.”

his life as a father

on the occasion of broadcastFrench affair, Michael Yun also spoke in an interview with pocket tv, on newsstands on Monday, September 20. The actor spoke privately about his relationship with their childrenSeven, 10 years, excellent, two years. “There are days when a father is the GO of others, a partner, an encyclopedia… I never try to associate education with power and to be in dialogue, He explains. To return to his teaching: “With a father who was a psychotherapist and family psychologist, I went to the right school. My children love to play a lot and I think that By playing we can accomplish a lot of things. Laughter has educational advantages.


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