Guests of the Vivement dimanche program, on Sunday November 21, Florent Bagni and Azucina Camanio captivated in their love story. She especially mentioned his doubts about the feelings he had for her when they met.

Between them, it wasn’t love at first sight. exactly the contrary. Florent Bagni and Azucina Camanyo met in 1993, at a party organized by mutual friends. But the model found that the singer is A “Badger”. It wasn’t until you got to know him that you started loving him and then loving him. Then she gave birth to two children, the Incas and the Ele. And the young family left France for Patagonia, where Azucina Camanyo belongs. A move that prompted her to question herself.

“I don’t know if he fell in love with me or in Patagonia”

Michel Drucker, who greeted Florent Bagni and Azucina Camanio on a sofa Sunday roll, Sunday, November 21, was asked: “When he fell in love with you, so much so that he left Europe to live far away, did you think to yourself that he was seriously risking his career?” “Yes and no”She replied. She apparently asked herself questions about Florent Bagni’s career, but first of all she wondered what feelings he had for her… “For me, the danger is that I’m left there to live in Paris. And he’s taking me back.” I don’t know if he fell in love with me or with PatagoniaReply to Michael Drucker.

Azucina Camanyo is right to ask the question… The package was: Patagonia Patagonia, Florent Bagni commented, adding: “His parents are too. His dad is such a magical character that I thought I could have a farm there because I could count on him while learning. And I ended up learning.” But Florent Bagni will now return to France with Azucina Camanyo. It is very bad for Patagonia, it follows Patagonia.

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