Before E3 2021 really kicks off, well, actually, we can say the PlayStation Studios brand is celebrating in terms of announcements. The need for manpower somewhat commits itself to discovery.

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PixelOpus works on PS5. Beyond the small stammer of PlayStation Studios president, Herment Hulst, the studio we owe to the poetic Concrete Genie has made him known on social networks by making it clear that he’s looking for new talent to strengthen himself.

PixelOpus is recruiting! We’re working hard on a new PlayStation 5 title and keep growing. Join this unique project with PlayStation Studios!

Job offer for Post-programmer graphics ctHe reveals more about this project, which is one of 25 projects in development internally at Sony:

PixelOpus, creator of the Concrete Genie Award, is looking for an exceptional talent to join our passionate and creative family in creating an exciting new title for PlayStation 5.

We are looking for a Senior Graphics Programmer to contribute to our development process as we tackle exciting innovations and rendering opportunities through our collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation. This position specializes in Programming focuses on the graphics functions of the PlayStation 5 and Unreal 5 game engines, but with our small team, the responsibilities will be diverse.

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Unreal Engine 5 as the engine for this new exclusive, with production company Transvlani Hotel And the Spider-Man inside the spider world ? It looks like the small studio is getting ready to put the small plates in the big plates. It will remain to discover the nature of this “unique project”. It may not be the case at the present time.


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