Video.  Cannes Film Festival 2022. Virginie Efra, mistress of the opening ceremony expressed hope

Virginia Efra will be everywhere at this 75th Cannes Film Festival! The Franco-Belgian actress starts as the mistress of the opening ceremony and then shows two films in the selection that ends with the award ceremony. But before that, this Monday 16th May she was in front of our cameras.

She enjoys it … Laughing, Virginie Ephra again says she “TheA little girl from Molenbeek “!

Yes, the little blonde girl born in this town, TheThe capital of Belgium is one of the nineteen bilingual municipalities in the Brussels region. From this industrial city to the red carpet, for her, the path is still a dream.

What a beautiful madman who dreamed about this – Puff, I’m talking like a 14 – year – old American: Believe in your dreams, they come true! – This is true, even on side roads. You also have to be lucky, it’s okay if your life does not turn out the way you thought it would as a teenager.

Mistress of the opening ceremony of the festival is Virginia Ephra.

“I have a lot of loose experience in Cannes”

In the poster for the two films in the exam, the actress knew Cannes The teenager seeks funding for a film of friends, later as a presenter on Belgian television: “I have a lot of loose experience in Cannes,” he admits. But this Tuesday night, it’s cinema “Who is disrupting a place Your heart “ Who is she talking about and to whom is she indebted? “A certain hunger I am “.

During a press conference on Monday, The Mistress Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Festival, Talked about the international context of this 75th edition: “dIn the context of fear, I decided that “laughter does not seem rude”, “to echo the opposing forces”.

“The day before no, but tomorrow, as the day progresses it seems to me that I may be in danger of collapsing. I hope I can wake up when I’m live.”He made fun of the actress that day This is a compilation of 13 hours of France 2 on May 16th.

Virginia Ephra came to Cannes for four Movies in recent years .

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We especially remember Benedetta By Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven Last year and Sibyl Justin Tride In 2019.

This year, he also stars in the music of Don Juan, which he produced: Serge boson And Review ParisNew movie by Alice Vinogore.

For this Tuesday evening ceremony, Yves Saint Laurent was asked to wear a dress.


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