As in 1973.  In the studio like this - Il Tempo

Surprise at the opening of the September 7 edition of L’Aria che Tira, the La7 TV show hosted by Myrta Merlino. The Neapolitan journalist appears in the studio in black and white and sends a message to viewers: “Good morning and welcome back in 1973, leave the car in the garage and cycle, turn down the heating, turn off the lights in your house if possible, the austerity begins. Well now we can Back to the colored boys.”

Natural colors reappear for those who follow the talk show and Merlin continues: “We joked, but not much, Italy is facing new austerity due to the Russian gas crisis. The thermostat, unfortunately, we will have to turn off already and we will have to turn off the heating an hour before. In addition, the government gives us a lot of recommendations on the responsible use of energy, which, according to Cingulani’s calculations, will save 5 billion cubic meters of gas. Of course we Italians will, and we always manage in the most difficult times to bring out the best, we’ve seen with the pandemic. Perhaps this will remain the true legacy of the Draghi government, the ability to do important things together. Together they ruled characters like Conte, Lita, Salvini and Renzi, which is unimaginable, and yet it happened. It’s no coincidence that Meloni, the only person who didn’t support Draghi, came up with a very old, two-chambered word. Today – concludes Merlin – to carry out reforms together, and tomorrow who knows…maybe let’s do more together.”

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