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The Joy-Con Drift has been a concern for Switch owners since the console’s advent. The flaw, found on all Nintendo consoles, causes the joysticks at some point to start sending direction records, even when the Joy-Con is not touched. YouTube user with Victorstek name She claims to have found a permanent solution to the problem.

The video on his channel, which has over 200,000 views, does a detailed exploration of the Joy-Con’s chassis and discusses several theories as to why Switch’s controls sooner or later start to show a drift. According to him, the reason for the problem is that the metal gasket containing the lever gradually begins to wear and disintegrate with prolonged use. This causes the directional-detecting graphite plates to deflect.

What is the permanent solution that you suggest? It’s very simple: all you have to do is place a piece of cardboard, only a millimeter long, on top of the metal gasket, so that enough pressure is generated so that contact is not lost. According to him, the solution appears to be permanent since both controls with which the solution was tested skewed, and after two months, no problem appeared.

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Of course, and this clarification is always important, this solution may not be “always” as it claims. In fact, there are many videos on the internet that claim to have found the solution to the problem which is Joy-Con drift. This solution ranges from cleaning the control to removing dust to replacing contact points. Victorstk repair requires Joy-Con to open and is somewhat invasive, so you shouldn’t try the solution until you’ve chosen others, especially if you don’t have much experience repairing your own consoles…but the explanation it makes sense, and if the final solution doesn’t Requiring only a screwdriver and a piece of cardboard, it’s possible to say goodbye to the Joy-Con Drift in a definitive way.

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