Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate will add Kazuya tomorrow

After being revealed as coming Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate A character during Nintendo’s E3 Direct earlier this month, Kazuya was properly shown by the game Directed by Masahiro Sakurai. During his usual work “Mr. Show Sakurai Presents,” Sakurai ran into Kazuya’s various abilities before announcing that he would be joining the game tomorrow, along with four new Mii fighter outfits and Nintendo’s upcoming Smash Amiibo.

Players will be able to start beating Pikachu’s snot with Kazuya from Tekken surprisingly soon. The Fighter arrives in the game on Tuesday, June 29th, and will be immediately available to anyone with the Fighter’s second pass. Kazuya can be purchased off the card for $6.

Besides Kazuya, four new Mii fighter outfits have been added to the game, each costing less than $1. Starting tomorrow, players will be able to dress up as Lloyd Symphony Tales, Dragonborn from SkyrimSurprisingly, Dante is from the Devil May Cry series. Dante was one of several characters that some fans were hoping to add to the game, along with Shantae, who will appear in the game as a Mii Fighter’s brawler type outfit.

Today’s Smash Show also revealed the game’s upcoming Amiibo status. Sakurai revealed that Min Min’s amiibo, the first character from the game’s second pass fighter, is slated to release sometime next year. However, he did not say how long the other amiibo would take that combat pass, including Maine CraftSteve O Final Fantasy VIISephiroth, for release.

With the reveal of Kazuya, there is only one slot left for a new character in Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate. According to Sakurai, this slot will be filled in 2021. In the final moments of Today Show, Sakurai revealed that climaxThe final character will be announced at least sometime this year.

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