Amal is a girl who was executed by viewers because of her training in

On Saturday, April 30, the second session of intersecting battles took place in “The Voice” in France. Whereas last week the gesture of Hope Girl, who saved Vike, against Charles, was unanimous with the crowd, this Saturday, it was something else entirely…

The training of the translator “My Philosophy” was severely criticized by viewers on social networks. “What are these arguments from Amal”, “Can Amal a girl free her?” “Amal a girl what you say is useless”, “The level of training…”, “Amal is a girl who listens and gives your opinion, in the end you break your necks”, “Amal is a girl and choose” Songs, This Two netizens commented on Twitter: “His entries are always painfully petty.”

If most did not appreciate her training last night, then the style of clothing of the young mother of three was honored for the evening on social networks.

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