Buenos Aires, protests against the Maili Maxi decree: clashes and arrests

Incidents in Buenos Aires during protest Organized by the CGT, the country's main trade union, Against the Decree of Maximum Necessity and Urgency (Dnu) on deregulation and privatization signed last Wednesday by the new Argentine President Javier Miley. The Argentine newspaper Clarin reported that Buenos Aires police arrested at least 7 people on Wednesday during mass mobilization against this measure. The demonstration began in front of the Palace of Justice, where the first people registered Clashes between demonstrators and officers. A policeman was injured during the clashes and was apparently hit by a bus.

Unidad Piketara, leftist parties and Kirchner supporters also participated in the mobilization called by the CGT. This is the first CGT packing since Miley arrived at Casa Rosada two weeks ago.

The union issued a statement describing the government's first shocking action as “irrational outrage” with numerous “arbitrary, unconstitutional and harmful measures.” Communities and unions denounced that Security Minister Patricia Bullrich's plan against the sit-ins did not allow the arrival of a large number of buses heading to the protests. At the same time, Miley sent to Congress the legislative draft that spurred these protests, in which he proposes to amend or repeal more than 300 laws. The text contains 664 articles, including canceling the primary elections, declaring a state of public and economic emergency until December 31, 2025, and privatizing public companies.

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