Euro 2021 photos: Lola Marois and Jean-Marie Pigard support the Blues in the family against Hungary

This Saturday, June 19, the Blues were able to count on the support of millions of Frenchmen in their match against Hungary. The family of Jean-Marie Bigard and Lola Marois were among the supporters pitched in front of the TV. Their children did not hesitate to give a voice.

This Saturday, June 19, The Blues meet Hungary in their second match at Euro 2021. After a 1-0 victory over Germany, thanks to a home goal by Mats Hummels, the French national team moved to Budapest. Unfortunately, this did not happen during this meeting The French managed to show the full range of their talents. Indeed, the Hungarians topped the game thanks to Attila Viola’s goal before the end of the first half. It wasn’t until the 66th minute of playAntoine Griezmann It can equalize in the middle of Mbappe. Everywhere in France, both at home and in bars, the French have supported the blues, still hoping for a much better outcome. In fact, it will be necessary to play an excellent match against the Portuguese in order to qualify for the next round. Among the blues proponents, Jean-Marie Beegard’s family was already in attendance! Actually, It’s Lola Marois who shared pictures of her husband, surrounded by her two children, in the colors of France. an actress the most beautiful life Make his young children in blue white red, And all the smiles that the whole family supported France.

Impeccable encouragement

In one of the videos we can still see Jean-Marie Begaard, very focused in front of his TV screen, with a grim look. And for good reason… France has just recognized a goal. In the second video shared by Lola Marois, we can then see fans of the Hungarian team celebrating his goal While the actress is complaining so hard : “It’s not over yet, it’s boring anyway.” An opinion apparently shared by the two children of the spouses, Who would not hesitate to encourage the blues, as best they can. And it seems that the players have listened to their encouragement because Antoine Griezmann will save honor. An explosion of joy in the Biggard family as the little boy jumps in all directions! Nice family table to support their favorite team!

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Lola Maroua – Instagram
Lola Maroua – Instagram


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