Dirndl arc rumors: Kathy Hummels speaks up!

If Kathy Hummels, 33, had enough of one thing, it would probably be the attention. No matter what the moderator posts – posts regularly lead to discussions within their community. Finally in the center of public attention: the Kathy Dirndl bow, which she recently wore to an event. She wore the bar on the right side, which represents the status of the marital or taken relationship. Some fans found that regarding the recent rumors that it was all over between Kathy and her husband Mats, but to the surprise. Now the Munich woman is expressing herself!

employment Instagram Kathy writes: “They often ask me why I wear the bow on the right. Why not? Did I miss something?” Shortly thereafter, she joked that she was engaged to a jewelry brand who gave her a special ring, among other things. Just an announcement or a conscious statement about your bow? This will remain Cathy’s secret for now.

“I call this statement” One follower writes. Another replied: “This is not a statement. This is an advertisement.” Either way: again cause for discussions about the influencer’s account.

Kathy Hummels
Kathy and Mats Hummels in December 2019

ActionPress / Golota, Francesco

Kathy Hummels
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