USA 2024 Pence dumps Trump: «We will definitely have better options.  my candidacy?  I will decide in the spring.

Support Trump in the presidential election 2024? I’m sure we’ll have better options.” Former Vice President Mike Pence stated, withdrawing — in effect — from future support for Donald Trump if the former president won nominations Republican for 2024. “Voters will choose wisely, but different times call for it Leadership different,” he repeated in an interview with CBSHe added, “I am sure we have standard bearer (republican, ed) will win on the November day of that year ». However, to carry a flag Grand Old Party It could also be Pence himself: In the long conversation with CBS political correspondent Caitlin Huey Burns, the former vice president reiterated that he would make a decision “this spring.” To date, former South Carolina Governor and former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and an entrepreneur Vivek RamaswamyThey are the two official candidates running against Donald Trump nominations Republican in the 2024 presidential election; While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may soon announce his candidacy in the Republican primary. The winner of the Republican primary will have to compete in 2024 with the Democratic nominee, who – at least for now – could be Joe Biden.

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