Martin Prabhupada does yoga light every day

Yoga and memory exercises help Martin Brampach, a Toddler wrestler from Wreckinghouse, sometimes escape from a stressful shoot.

Dresden / Wrecklinghausen (DPA) – Actor Martin Brampach, who often focuses on work that causes stress. Before the release of the new Dresden “Tatard” crime thriller on Monday (8:15 pm, Das Erstay), Wight said, “We’re all looking for strategies to escape from everyday life somehow.”

In the case of “The Gold House”, the police chief he plays is Peter Michael Schnabel, who appears to be a fan of the missing “lucky one”. “A memory seminar a few years ago helped me a lot, and I intensified my memory yoga,” said the 54-year-old from Wrecklinghouse. There are exercises that can help improve his quality of life and reduce stress. “I can sleep well and deal with challenges.”

Exercises integrated into daily life for four years

Three shoots at once, excessive stress and sleepless nights took him to action a few years ago. “Mindfulness and such therapies, this is a field I am very interested in.” He has been doing the exercises his teacher showed him every morning for about four years. “It’s like relaxing yoga and usually lasts 20 to 25 minutes if I do it right.”

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