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green lane, vaccination certificates, documents to be filled out, tampons And quarantine. The second summer of the pandemic, with increasing infections and fears of containing a fourth wave, imposes strict rules for travel abroad. The prerequisite is the green pass, which can be obtained By vaccination, swab or after recovery from SARS-CoV-2. But pay attention to the specific rules that each individual country enacts. The European Green Corridor tool remains excellent, but in particular with the recent increase in cases, some countries have decided (unequivocally) to add more specific national rules, from certification to additional swabs to quarantine. Results? Europe fragmented into individual national exceptions and a panorama that can be confusing for travelers”, is the concern expressed by travel company Astoi-Confindustria, the Italian tour operator association. It is a reminder of the need for clear rules: “The confusion of information is the enemy of demand, it breeds panic. and chaos, so it is only natural that we have seen lower bookings and cancellations in recent weeks,” the association explains.

Delta variable, more injuries and deaths but hospital treatment under control: Peak in August

Vacations, the Ministry’s questionnaire

To avoid unpleasant surprises that may ruin the holidays, it is necessary to inquire in advance about the required documents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made available, through the website, a questionnaire for travelers who have to travel abroad and return to Italy or return to our country from a third country. The questions asked are few and simple: possession of Italian or European citizenship, the intended destination, the reason for the trip (work, study, health, urgency, return or tourism). At the end of the questionnaire, the requirements for making the conversion are provided. There are two main documents to be obtained: Green Passage and Dplf (Digital Passenger Locator Form), or another digital questionnaire in which some specific information about the flight is requested (means of transportation, date, chosen company). Through the form that requires the user to register on the site, it is possible to allow tracking of movements in case of need, for example if they are positive during the flight. Here are the specific rules for each country.

GreenPass, wrong data or different software: dungeon without QR code

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Great Britain

No more precautionary quarantine for those traveling to England from the EU and the US as long as they have already received the dual vaccine against Covid in the country of origin. To go to the UK, however, you need the negative result of a Covid test taken in the three days prior to departure and that respects the criteria indicated by the UK government (in English and with contact details of the medical center that performed he-she). The travel locator form must also be completed two days prior to departure. When returning to Italy, observe five days of mandatory quarantine and submit a Plf (Passenger Locator Form) form.

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There is no obligation to quarantine those coming from the Schengen area countries. Anyone arriving in Spain from abroad is subject to a medical examination before entering the country. In particular: body temperature control, visual check of the passenger’s health status, document verification. Passengers must complete, before traveling, a form through the Spain Travel Health website (for arrivals by plane) or a form available at (for arrivals by sea). The Canary Islands, compared to Spain, have specific rules, so refer to the site:

Delta variable, more injuries and deaths but hospital treatment under control: Peak in August


Plus Green Pass (or affidavit of completion of the 14-day vaccination course, certificate of recovery in 30 days from the first positive smear and valid for the next 180 days, or negative molecular test performed in the 72 hours prior to admission, or testing in the previous 48 hours) , it is necessary for all travelers 12 years of age or older to fill out the Greek Plf to provide information on the place of origin, duration of previous stays in other countries and the address of their stay in Greece. Must be completed by 11.59pm local time the day before departure (ie 10.59pm in Italy). Those who do not have the Green Pass must have one of these certificates: Complete a minimum 14-day course of vaccination; Negative molecular test was performed 72 hours before admission; A rapid test was performed 48 hours prior to admission; Treatment certificate issued after a molecular or rapid antigen test. “Greek legislation requires that a recovery certificate be issued 30 days after the first positive test, with a validity of up to 180 days after that,” Farnesina explained. Once you arrive in Greece, you can undergo a mandatory rapid test on a sample basis. Those who refuse may be denied entry. In the event of a positivity for the Express Entry swab – or the swab likely to be taken before returning to Italy – there is a mandatory isolation period for travelers who test positive and for their subsequent contacts.

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Delta variable, more injuries and deaths but hospital treatment under control: Peak in August


It is necessary to advance the green lane and fill the Portuguese Plf before departure. Without the green lane, boarding is only permitted when evidence is presented with a negative result of a molecular test performed within 72 hours prior to boarding or, alternatively, an antigen test with negative results performed in the 48 hours prior to boarding time. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from taking the test. For the Azores and Madeira, from the age of 12 with provision of the molecular test – 72 hours before boarding – or the green pass. Passengers can take the test for free upon arrival and wait for the result in precautionary isolation (result available within 12-24 hours). The survey must be completed in advance and is available at and

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Italians can enter France if they have been vaccinated: two weeks after the second dose of the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines; or four weeks after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; Or two weeks after the first dose of an EMA-approved vaccine for people who have recovered from a previous infection with Covid-19. In the event of a total or partial absence of vaccination, travelers under the age of 11 will be able to enter through a molecular test and an antigen test, with a negative result, performed less than 72 hours prior to departure. For unvaccinated persons, entry into France will be permitted only under the following conditions: from the age of 11, presentation of a molecular or antigen test with a negative result, which is carried out no later than 48 hours before departure; test on arrival in France; Mandatory quarantine for 10 days. It should also be remembered that in France from August 9 for restaurants, trains and planes, the green lane will be mandatory.

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Delta variant, Sicily and Sardinia in red in Europe (Ecdc) contagion map: Lazio yellow


Anyone entering by air must, prior to boarding the aircraft, have documentation proving that they have been vaccinated, cured or cleared of the negative. This obligation does not apply under the age of 6 years. According to German legislation, people who have completed a course of preventive treatment for at least 14 days are considered vaccinated (if they have already been infected with the Covid virus, the first dose is sufficient) and those who have tested positive for a smear for at least 28 days and did not recover more than 6 months before that . For unvaccinated and untreated persons arriving by air, the smear can be antigenic (rapid) or molecular and must be performed within 48 hours prior to entry (in the case of antigen) or within the previous 72 hours (in the case of molecular Pcr). Anyone who has traveled to Italy and entered Germany by land is not required to submit a negative test.

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A green EU entry permit is required which certifies that a minimum 14-day vaccination course has been completed. Those without the certificate are obliged to quarantine for 14 days in a hotel designated by the Maltese health authorities with food costs borne by the person concerned. People who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons and children between the ages of 5 and 11 do not have to have a green pass but will have to submit a negative test taken within the past 72 hours. Children under 5 years old are exempt from the obligation to pass the green test or the negative test.

To return to Italy from Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Germany and Malta, it is necessary to submit the PLF and Green Passage form for vaccination with an EMA-recognised vaccine or a molecular or antigenic swab made in the previous 48 hours.

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