When Microsoft’s Surface Duo turns into a video game console. Microsoft has updated its Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming app on Android to offer a dual-screen gaming configuration for Surface Duo devices, according to reports. the edge Monday, May 24, 2021.

One screen for game and one screen for controls
Microsoft has been offering touch controls for several months, useful on smartphones, in over fifty games available on the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service. This makes it possible to place the consoles as best as possible on their screen so that they do not interfere during the game. Now, Microsoft also introduces a touch screen control system adapted for its Surface Duo smartphone that has a foldable screen.

This update works when the device is used as a portable computer in landscape orientation, or “build mode” as Microsoft calls it. Surface Duo owners can stream the game to the top screen and use the second as a console or game controller. Then Surface Duo looks like the Nintendo 3DS. Sea of ​​Thieves, Gears 5, or even Minecraft Dungeons are affected by these updates.

The benefits of dual screen for mobile games are manifold, The Verge notes. This avoids having the control buttons on the same screen and passing your fingers or part of your hand over an area of ​​the screen where an action is being performed. If this update turns out to be up to expectations and foldable screens gain traction, Microsoft is making a good choice for its cloud gaming service and it could attract a growing number of users.

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