Nikki Haley loses alone.  Even “no candidate” gets more votes than her

Nikki Haley is losing even without Donald Trump. The former governor of South Carolina suffered a humiliating defeat during Tuesday's Nevada primary: The businessman's name did not appear on the ballot, but he was instead a candidate in today's caucuses (which designate the 26 delegates who will compete for Elections) seizes power over the state, but despite this, he fails to win a majority. Despite receiving 30.8% of the votes, the former UN ambassador doubled the “none of the candidates” option with 62.9%, a very embarrassing result for her because she basically was not even able to win the votes of voters. Although it did not face any direct competitors.

Trump supporters in Nevada, including Governor Joe Lombardo, campaigned by asking Republicans to choose the “neither of these candidates” option to vote against Haley and then be able to express their preference for the former US president at the caucus today. A race in which he will run unopposed since his only competitor chose not to attend. It was a “bad night” for her, as Trump commented on his social network “Truth”: “Look, victory will be announced soon,” mocking her again because of her optimistic speech after she came in second place behind him in New Hampshire.

Haley criticized Nevada's double-voting approach, saying: “We didn't bother playing Trump's game as we raced full speed into South Carolina and beyond.” Although she has chosen to focus on campaigning in her home state, where the next primary will be held on February 24, the former governor risks a very heavy defeat at home. According to the latest poll conducted by the Washington Post and Monmouth University, Trump is ahead of his rival in the state by 26 points among potential Republican voters (58 compared to 32), but in other predictions his advantage exceeds 30 points. Nearly every Republican state official has supported the former president, and Trump has recruited thousands of volunteers to reach out to every voter before voting. In any case, Haley has promised that she will continue to run at least until Super Tuesday on March 5, when 16 US states will vote, losing more than a third of delegates in favor of the nomination.

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Meanwhile, on the Democratic front, Joe Biden won the Nevada Democratic primary by 89.3%, even if for an incumbent president running again the primary was little more than a formality (and against him was none other than writer Marianne Williamson who took 2.9 percent).


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