China, Italians will enter without a visa: from December 15, free for tourism, business and visiting relatives

China has decided to trial a new 15-day visa-free entry policy for holders of ordinary passports from major European countries, including… Italy, France, Germany, Dutch And SpainAnd also from Malaysiawith regard toAsia.

This procedure will take effect from December 1 until November 30, 2024, according to what was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman. Mao NingDuring the daily briefing.

Mao explained that the measure was taken with the aim of “facilitating exchanges between Chinese and foreigners and promoting high-quality development and high-level opening-up” of the country towards abroad. In this regard, the initiative is an expression of the “unilateral exemption policy”, according to which citizens of beneficiary countries “can enter China for work, tourism, visiting relatives and friends” or simply for simple transit “for more than 15 days without the need to submit an official application.” Currently, most travelers require a visa to enter China, while rare examples of exemptions include Chinese nationals Singapore Born in Bruneiwhich can currently count on a visa-free period similar to that which will be exercised for European citizens, of 15 days.

This measure, which falls between two weeks of the bilateral summit between China and the European Union, has been eagerly awaited by economic operators, after three years of very harsh restrictions imposed due to Covid.

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