How to follow the partial eclipse of the sun on April 30, 2022?

France was not lucky enough to witness the partial eclipse of the sun on Saturday, April 30, 2022. Fortunately, the astronomical phenomenon can be followed live and online.

The next solar eclipse is on Saturday, April 30, 2022. As always with solar eclipses, not the entire planet can benefit from this astronomical phenomenon. France is not in the visibility zone of the eclipse. A scene from the South Pacific Ocean, part of Antarctica and southern South America can be seen.

If you haven’t traveled to see this eclipse, you can still enjoy it live. Eclipse is planned to be restarted at least once online.

  • when ? From 7:45 PM on Saturday 30 April 2022;
  • where ? employment YouTube channel du strimmer; Jian Ki Garibe;
  • Quoi? Partial solar eclipse, that is, the passage of the moon in front of a part of the star.

What do you expect during this solar eclipse?

The April 30 eclipse is the first of two solar eclipses in 2022, and both are partial. The general eclipse is scheduled to begin at 8:45 pm (Paris time), with a maximum of 10:41 pm, and end at 12:38 am (Sunday, May 1). Observers within the ecliptic’s epicenter can see it in real life. Here this band passes through the South Pole.

For a solar eclipse to occur, the sun, moon, and earth must always be aligned in that order. This is how we can see our natural satellite obscuring the star from our planet. When the eclipse is partial, such as April 30, the moon only covers part of the sun, even at the event’s most extreme time. There are also total solar eclipses (the moon obscures the entire solar disk), or annular (when the apparent diameter of the moon is smaller than the sun, it reveals a bright ring at the maximum time of the eclipse).

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Map of the eclipse of April 30, 2022. // Source: IMCC

A solar eclipse is never observed without taking precautions. Do not look at the sun with the naked eye, with the risk of serious burns to the back of the eye. Even during a total eclipse, damage from solar radiation can be irreparable. It is necessary to wear glasses bearing the conformity mark. Or choose indirect methods of monitoring, more secure – no risks with online and live event broadcasts!

For the next solar eclipse, it will be necessary to wait until October 25, 2022. The event will then be visible from northern Europe, western Asia and Siberia.

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