Formula 1: Officials say everything!  Great concern of the table

Formula 1: Officials say everything! Maybe the big concern is off the table

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary roads

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary roads

Year after year, Formula 1 holds its races on the most exciting racetracks in the world. We show you the most legendary first-class courses.

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In the past few weeks there has been a backlog Formula 1 Rumors that the Monaco Grand Prix could fly off the racing calendar.

Concerns about traditional race in Formula 1 But perhaps unfounded. Administrators give everything clear.

Formula 1: Monaco GP shortly before contract extension

“It was written that the entrance fee to Monaco was too expensive and that the Grand Prix was no longer held, but that is not true,” said Michel Boeri, president of the Automobile Club of Monaco, according to the Gazette de Monaco. .

We are still in talks and now have to seal the deal with a contract. I can assure you that the Grand Prix will continue beyond 2022. I don’t know if the contract will be for three years or five years, but these are just details.”

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Formula 1 racing calendar for 2022

  • March 20 Bahrain GP (Sakhir)
  • March 27 Saudi Arabia GP (Jeddah)
  • 10 April Australia GP (Melbourne)
  • 24 – April Emilia-Romagna-GP (Imola)
  • 8. My Miami GB
  • May 22 Spain GP (Barcelona)
  • 29. Never Monaco-GP
  • June 12 Azerbaijan GP (Baku)
  • June 19 Canada-GP (Montreal)
  • Jul 03 Great Britain (Silverstone)
  • Jul 10 Austrian GP (Spielberg)
  • Jul 24 French GP (Le Castellet)
  • Jul 31 Hungary GP (Budapest)
  • August 28 Belgian GP (Spa)
  • 04. Sept Netherlands GP (Zandvoort)
  • Sep 11 Italy – GP (Monza)
  • September 25 opening
  • 02. October Singapore GP
  • Oct 9 Japan GP (Suzuka)
  • Oct 23 USA GP (Austin)
  • Oct 30 Mexico GP (Mexico City)
  • 13. November Brasilien-GP (Interlagos)
  • 20. November Abu Dhabi-GP


Monaco has played a special role in Formula 1 for a long time and has never paid any entry fee. With 15 million euros, the principality is currently still the cheapest, but that is likely to change in the future.

Lately, there has been concern that Monaco could lose its place in the racing calendar (more on that here!). More and more roads are on the calendar, and a deal with Las Vegas has just been negotiated.

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Formula 1: Monaco Australia will be a “shock” for Gasly

For Pierre Gasly (Alpha Toure), the end of the Monaco Grand Prix would be a “shock”. “This is probably the most famous race in the world. When I talk to non-F1 fans, everyone has heard of Monaco for a variety of reasons, whether it is the race, the parties, or all the events that revolve around the Grand Prix. The Frenchman declared the race “It is A very popular weekend getaway.

If you believe Bowery’s words, all your worries are unfounded. Formula 1 will likely continue in Monaco for the time being. (FS)


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