Why the Chrisman case is worrying

Antoine Griezmann Atletico de Madrid beat Getafe (1-2) on Tuesday. According to Fred Hermel, the situation of the French is worrying, although the Spanish press believes that Diego Simeone did not put him in the best of circumstances.

Atletico de Madrid took the lead after a win at Getafe (1-2) at the start of Day 6 in La Liga on Tuesday. The good news (while waiting for Real’s match against Mallorca this Wednesday) is with a certain skepticism about the game put on Diego Simeone. Louis Suarez’s double furniture is enough to save furniture after a long unfinished joint performance. Antoine Griezmann is no longer on the field to attend to these two goals. Founded in support of Uruguay, he was soon replaced (67th) by Mathews Cunha after an outstanding performance.

Simeon pointed out …

“The reason for Griezmann’s disappearance on the pitch is due to RMC Sport Spain specialist Fred Hermel. Did the time spent at Barசாa stop him? Should he reconsider Simeon’s style? Or did Chrisman lose a part of his football? That’s the question we’m quickly asking ourselves.

After two painful years at Barசாa, Griezmann found a club where he shone, but in a hostile environment since Atletico supporters whistled at him. They did not forgive him for the circumstances under which he left in 2019. So their respect on the French international side must rise. The Spanish press believes that his coach Diego Simeone did not put him in the best position to go there.

“It would be nice if Simeon Griezmann could better define what he hears, Marca believes. The Frenchman can’t get down on the pitch many times and attack clearly. So he’s very hard. When he saw that he was over-protected.

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Simeon: “He’s replacing this new Atletico, this is not the Atletico he was.”

He played “with a lot of freedom” as he watched and “gave a lot of effort and some interesting vertical passes, but less than he was asked”. Simeon got up for his player after the meeting, just as he had done since his return. “He’s fixing this new Atletico, it’s not the Atletico he was, he points out. We’re lucky to have Greissman, I hope he’s playing like us.


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