France’s Minister of Health resigns amid controversy over an immigration law that Le Pen likes

The French government is broken. It’s all the fault of the immigration law passed by Parliament that the French far right loves. The green light given by the National Assembly to the disputed new rules led to the resignation of Health Minister Aurelien Rousseau, who was absent from the Cabinet on Wednesday morning. He will be replaced on a temporary basis by the current Deputy Minister. […]

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the French government It’s been broken. This is all wrong Immigration law It has been approved by Parliament That person lovesThe extreme right French. Green light forNational Assembly The disputed new rules led to the resignation of the Minister of Health, Aurelian Rousseauwho did not show up on Wednesday morning treasury. He will be replaced on a temporary basis by the current Deputy Minister. On Tuesday, in addition to Russo, they made threats resignation And also the owner of the Ministry of the House, Patrice VergretMinister of Higher Education, Sylvie Retello.

And so the announced landslides begin to tighten various articles, which have become so “right-wing” that they do not just convince of the full right to vote for it. Republicansbut also the far right Marine Le Pen. The main reason for challenging the bill relates to strong conditions in granting Family compensation. also immigrants They are now organized and have a job. They will not receive them in the first two years 30 months, even for 5 years for ordinary workers without work. A sign of failure at the beginning “Primacy for the French” Dear Le Pen program, however unacceptable For the left, for the party’s youth Emmanuel Macron And for most Centrists.

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The law is so close to the right-wing position that it made Le Pen rejoice: “We can rejoice in the ideological progress, in the victory of the National Rally, since national priority is now written in this law, that is, the advantage for the French compared to foreigners on our territory in obtaining certain social advantages.” . In addition to the principle National priority In order to grant social assistance, the left declares that it will fight to the point of taking to the streets for an amendment that requires sponsorship for one person Foreign student To be able to come and study in France, as the application criteria are tightened Family reunificationfor what determines the quotas of immigrants for several years to be determined in Parliament and for the discretionary power given to governors in granting Settlement documents.


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