After 32 years without a loyalty card, Lidl will launch Lidl Plus, a completely dematerialized loyalty program available via an app, in France on October 20. The device is already active in Germany, Belgium and Spain, according to reports Business Insider France.

It would have already enabled three million Spanish users to save nearly 12 million euros. Michel Piero, Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing at Lidl, said, “Lidl Plus is so much more than just a loyalty card. interested in trade. “This is an innovative program that stands out from the competition, and focuses on accumulating points in order to take advantage of discounts. “

Non-material discount coupons

In order to take advantage of the loyalty program, a customer must select their country and the Lidl store they usually shop in on the app, and then create an account. In the application all receipts as well as store catalogs will be saved.

The consumer will also see the discount coupons he is entitled to. After selecting and activating it in the application, to take advantage of it, he will only have to scan the QR code corresponding to the cash register. Finally, after shopping, the customer will get scratch games that will allow him to get new gifts and discounts.

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