This was the meeting between Evan Duque and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

At Colombia 4.0, the most important digital content event in the country and in Latin America, President Evan Duque had an interview with his Special Guest Steve Wozniak, One of the founders of Apple, and he talked to him about the challenges facing the country in terms of technology.

Speaking with the Colombian president, Wozniak highlighted all the potential that the country has in technology. “around the world They ask me what the next Silicon Valley will be and with my wife I always tell them that the only place I always come back to in South America is Colombia, Steve Wozniak said, “And I refer to it as the best thing I’ve seen in my life, and I really believe in it, and I believe in it with all my heart.”

The Apple co-founder noted that for several years he had always seen a lot of talent in Colombia. “One of the first places I visited to talk about entrepreneurship in the world, outside of the US, was Bogota, in 2003, 2004; it was a long time ago. The FARC was still here pressing, and I fell in love with the people and this place. They wanted progress and saw in technology that they could create many companies and improve the economy“.

Wozniak also stressed that the progress of technology must go hand in hand with nature. “We have a responsibility to make the world a balanced place between technology, creativity and natural resources,” said the entrepreneur.

“I met Steve Jobs before Apple, and I met him when I made a computer and we were there playing, we made jokes and he (Steve Jobs) came and found a way to turn it into money, and so our relationship was, because I was a nerd, I had no social connections and I was afraid That everyone knows more than me. “I found Steve Jobs who understood and appreciated my engineering talents,” said Steve Wozniak. In the dialogue with the Colombian president, where he recalled his relationship with the founder of Apple.

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At Columbia 4.0, President Ivan Duque also spoke about the climate challenges facing humanity that can be overcome with technology. “It is knowing how to take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and machine learning (machine learning), that we can integrate elements of cybersecurity and data speed networks to partner with our larger goals.”

President Ivan Duque also highlighted the achievements made during his term in terms of development and technology for the benefit of citizens; Likewise, he noted progress on topics such as solar and wind energy, and clean mobility for electric, public and private vehicles.

“The idea of ​​our country and the application that we have provided, through the Ministry of Environment, with the campaign called “Colombia Respira Bien”, today, from the mobile application, we can see how the tree counter works in our state. 180 million trees will be planted by August 7 this year,” President Ivan Duque said about the country’s technological achievements.

The President highlighted the latest technological advances made by Colombia. “We also have the possibility, with the national ecosystem and independent regional companies in our country, to see if the seeds and trees planted actually maintain their growth path and exposure over time,” concluded the leader.

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The Columbia 4.0 event will run until Saturday, May 7, when approximately 30,000 people are expected to participate, during the three days they will be important. Amplifiers National and international, to develop topics for the latest trends and experiences in technology.


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