Magallanes 0-1 U. Española: results, summary and objectives

Match ends, Magallanes 0, Spanish Federation 1.

95 ‘

Last second half, Magallanes 0, Spanish Federation 1.

93 ‘

they change
The alternative, Unión Española. Nicolás Mancilla replaces Bastián Yañez.

88 ‘

yellow card

Yorman Zapata (Magallanes) shows the yellow card.


they change
The alternative, Unión Española. Joe Abrego replaces Ignacio Nuñez.

84 ‘

yellow card

Thomas Galdames (Unión Española) is shown the yellow card.

81 ‘

yellow card

Bastián San Juan (Magallanes) shown the yellow card.


yellow card

Juan Pablo Gómez (Unión Española) was shown the yellow card.

73 ‘

they change
The substitute, Magallanes, Tomas Aranguez replaces Claudio Gobia.


they change
The alternative, Unión Española. Alejandro Chumacero replaces Robin Farfan.

66 ‘

Goal By Bastian Yanez (0-1)
Gooooool! Magallanes 0, Unión Española 1. Bastián Yañez (Unión Española) right-footed shot from the center of the penalty area across the middle of the goal.



U shield.  Espanola

U Espanola


61 ‘

they change
Substitute, Magallanes. Julian Alfaro replaces Mikel Arguinarina.

61 ‘

they change
Substitute, Magallanes, Miguel Angel Orellana replaces Rodrigo Diaz.


they change
The replacement, Unión Española, Christian Palacios replaces Vicente Conelli.


The second half starts with Magellan 0, and Union Espanola 0.

47 ‘

First half ends, Magallanes 0, Unión Española 0.

The first part begins.

Confirmed formations in both teams. Champions jump onto the field to start warm-up exercises

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