Ericsson Corporation;  Everything stops at 10

Copenhagen, Denmark.

All Denmark is with youAfter severe trauma caused by cardiac arrest Christian EriksenAnd the Denmark s Belgium They gave him a standing ovation at his party in Copenhagen, with the sporting rivalry set aside for a while and the race to the round of 16 of Eurocop.

Joining 25,000 spectators at Parkin Stadium, ، The players and referees boycotted the match in the tenth minute of the game To share a standing ovation for the Danish midfielder, who has been hospitalized since his impressive illness in the middle of the game last Saturday.

Fans held up a banner that read:Denmark is all with you, Christian“.

The interruption lasted a full minute and ended with a standing ovation., a symbol of the collective emotion generated by the case of the 29-year-old Inter Milan midfielder.

A minute of truce and brotherhood, a gap in a very intense match after the early opening of the scoring by the Danish Joseph Poulsen (2).

The round of applause has probably been heard by Eriksen, as the hospital he has been living in for five days, the Rijkshuspitalt, is just a kilometer from Barken, Denmark’s national stadium in Copenhagen.

Defibrillator for Ericsson

The player will have a pacemaker implanted under the skinThe Danish Federation announced, without giving any indications, the player’s ability to resume his football career in the future.

Eriksen’s teammates, who had been hit hard for five days, appeared to have recovered from the shock after their opening defeat to Finland (1-0), marked by Eriksen’s problem.


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