Everyone remembers Catwoman as one of the worst superhero movies in the genre’s history. Although it has been a long time since its release, Halle Berry does not lose hope to return to the character and work with him for a remake, to launch a new idea that solves the problems of the previous and that includes everyone. Will we see it succeed? To read all the details.

Catwoman tells the story of Patience Philips (Berry), a young woman who works as a graphic designer at a cosmetics company run by despot George Hedare and his model wife Laurel. Patience accidentally learns a terrible secret about a revolutionary beauty product about to go on sale and is wiped out by killers. However, mysteriously, she comes back to life with strength and extraordinary qualities, becoming Catwoman and preparing for revenge with the help of the mysterious Ophelia Powers.

Catwoman was a complete failure at the box office and received the worst reviews at the box office, scandalizing DC fans for the narrative liberties her writers took. The story of this movie has nothing to do with the Batman and DC characters, a fact that science fans didn’t like. For her part, Halle Berry is interested in re-engaging with her character in a remake, and changing a few things for her attitude. Here are the actress’ recent statements to Jake’s Takes.

I like to guide Catwoman. I could have the opportunity now, find out what I know, get this experience and reimagine this world the way I did with this story. Bruise was written for a white Irish Catholic Irish, as a 25-year-old girl. I have to reimagine that. I wish I could go back and re-imagining Catwoman and do it all over again. I would like Catwoman to save the world like most male superheroes do, not just save women who are being raped. As you know, I will do much more than that. I think it will make it more inclusive for both men and women.

But even though things didn’t go well with Catwoman, Halle doesn’t at all regret being a part of the production. That’s right, he doesn’t like the movie but Patience was one of his highest paying roles and that helped support his family. Here’s what he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly mid-August:

This is a movie that I can’t say I’m totally fond of, but this is not a hobby. It’s the way I support my children. But I try to keep that sense of surprise and stay curious. Being a black woman, I didn’t always have roles that I absolutely loved. It was one of the best paying days of my life, and it’s not wrong. I don’t want to be the type to think “Oh, I can only do things that deserve an award”.

Only time will tell if Halle Berry ever got a chance with Catwoman and her directorial dream. Meanwhile, on Warner Bros. grounds, we’ll soon have another catwoman with Zoë Kravitz in The Batman, the long-awaited Dark Knight movie that has taken crowd hype to very high levels. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing the new incarnation of Selina Kyle and find out if she’s on par or above the best. The film arrives in theaters March 4, 2022.

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