He takes the road by the sea with the Mercedes but breaks down, abandons the car, and drives away

According to what has been reconstructed, the driver took the road in the dark in Cornwall without realizing the danger and, after getting stuck, got off and left without warning anyone.

When traveling on unfamiliar roads, especially if they are dirt tracks, it is always good to know if they are suitable for vehicles or you risk getting stuck with no way out and ending up blocking the road even for those on foot. Certainly not a Mercedes owner who did that last week Take a very narrow coastal path In Cornwall, in the southwestern tip of England, pIt is completely blocked.

Unable to move on and perhaps fearing worse consequences than backing up, man He saw fit to leave the car immediately and go away, block step. In fact, it is a path designed for hikers and certainly not for cars and the man took a big risk because he could have fallen a few meters below.

The discovery came the next morning, last Saturday, when the first to walk the crowded footpath between Baladi and East Looe Beach found themselves confronted with the strange sight of a car that had stopped to block the way.

With the car on Etna, a couple hangs a newborn in the snow: “We wanted to enjoy the view”

According to what has been reconstructed, the driver took the road in the dark without realizing the danger, and after being stuck in the night between Friday and Saturday, got off and He left without notifying anyone. Finally, on Saturday, the track was cordoned off and closed to get the car out.

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“It happened two years ago when a motorist decided to go home avoiding the main roads,” said a local resident, adding: “It happens to those who are not from the area. We laugh about it but it’s dangerous to keep the car roughly balanced on the edge of the coastal track overlooking the sea.”


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