Springer Nature retracts a study by four Italians that denies the effects of the climate crisis

Springer Natureone of the world’s leading science publishers, pulled one out Stady It was created by four Italian scientists, the nuclear physicist Gianluca Alimonte, the meteorologist Luigi Mariani, and the physicists Franco Prodi and Renato Angelo Ricci. the reason? The article made misleading conclusions about the impact of climate change. The decision to withdraw the study came after an internal fact-checking investigation by the agency France Press agency. Thus, after the internal review process, experts Springer Nature found that the study’s conclusions “were not supported by the available evidence or data provided by the authors”, and decided to retract the titled article A critical assessment of trends in extreme events in times of global warming (A critical assessment of the trend of extreme events in times of global warming, Mr. Dr).

This was stated by the study published in Springer Nature

The study stated that “the climate crisis, which according to many sources we are witnessing today, is not yet clear.” After investigating France Press agency The study was an experiment Peer review by climate experts. At the end of the auditing process and after the authors requested an addition, “After careful consideration and consultation with all concerned parties, the editors and publishers concluded that they no longer trusted the findings and conclusions of the Article.” The journal’s editors issued an official statement explaining that the article was withdrawn due to reservations about “Selection of data, analysis and conclusions drawn.” As stated in the note, the requested addition “was not considered appropriate for publication” and thus “retraction was the most appropriate procedure to maintain the high levels of scholarly content published in the journal,” as described in guardian.

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