Prince William and the official trip of Emperor Naruhito and Emperor Masako of Japan to London

The Emperor's state visit officially began Naruhito Japan And the empress Masako in London. The imperial couple arrived in the United Kingdom two days ago and spent the first hours in Europe engaging in a series of private meetings, while the actual royal tour began on June 25. Prince William welcomed the Emperor and his wife to their hotel: “It is an honor to welcome Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako of Japan to the United Kingdom this morning,” we read on the social pages of Kensington Palace, where it was also posted The first official photo of the three together.

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The couple then proceeded to the Horse Guards procession for the welcoming ceremony. The Emperor arrived at the box of honor in a carriage with the King, while the Empress moved with Queen Camilla. A lavish reception, given the friendly relations and important commercial partnerships that bind the two countries.

The trip was supposed to take place in 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus emergency. Naruhito and Masako had then arrived in London to attend the funeral of Elizabeth II, a circumstance they could not escape despite the Empress's reluctance to travel, who did not enjoy ideal health conditions. After being depressed for a long time, she only began to smile again in recent years.

The Japanese Imperial Couple in London with Charles III and Queen Camilla.

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The visit will continue with a tribute to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Westminster Abbey, while on the evening of June 25 a dinner will be held in honor of the imperial couple at Buckingham Palace. Among the most notable absentees, announced, are Kate Middleton, who is being treated for cancer that was diagnosed at the end of February, and Princess Anne, the king’s sister. News of her hospitalization with a concussion is recent: she was hit in the head by one of her horses last weekend, but fortunately her condition is nothing to worry about.

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