Sweden is divided into Tusse, the African refugee who won the Eurovision- Corriere.it competition

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Paris at the Eurovision competition in Rotterdam, one of the finalists is a nineteen-year-old singer who represents Sweden. Tousin Chiza, stage name Tusse, has been a celebrity in the Scandinavian country since winning the talent show then Melodifestivalen, choosing the Swedish Eurovision candidate.
Tusse has a complicated history behind him, in spite of himself, and the fact that he sings for Sweden has sparked controversy on The country that sees the far right grow And populist anti-immigration formations.

Tosi was born on January 1, 2002 in Kinshasa, In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, at the age of five, his family was forced to leave the village due to armed clashes between militias. On the trip he lost his parentsHe was taken over by an aunt in a Ugandan refugee camp, where he had lived for three years. I was afraid of wild animals, but the time wasn’t bad. She went to school and started singing in church. My passion for music and singing was born.

at 2009 Tossi arrived in Sweden as a refugeeAnd, after a stage at the shelter, he was finally welcomed by a family. In 2015, he discovered that his parents were still alive. He was able to speak again with his father, who lives in Goma, Congo, and his mother, who then disappeared the following year.
It was the Swedish adoptive mother who started his music career
Surprisingly, by scoring the Swedish talent Talang, he reached the semi-finals, before winning a year after the other talent, Swedish Idol.

Tossi now represents Sweden, nearly fifty years after Abba’s victory over Waterloo. Sweden was the best home for me That I can get. I was raised and educated here, and I love the Swedish family who took care of me. I do my best on the Rotterdam theater because My way would be to thank Sweden.

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The Swedish Tussees live in Tallberg, a small village between a forest and a lake, where is also the headquarters of the Northern Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi formation. Tosi continued despite the racist insultsLast March, Melodefestivalen won nearly three million votes. But The divided countryAnd if it was for the Swedish Democrats, Jimmy Ackison’s far-right party that wants to break the Swedish tradition of welcoming refugees, Tossi would not only represent Sweden in Eurovision, but he would not reach Scandinavia.

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