Letizia from Spain revealed the secret of her physical appearance: she eats it every day and shines at the age of fifty
Leticia from Spain – StreetFoodNews (Instagram photo)

Leticia from Spain is in great shape and looks healthy and glowing. Thanks to the food he eats every day.

When you look at her you immediately understand that she must have a secret trick somewhere. Leticia from Spain It’s nothing short of perfection.

He’s 51 and looks 30, has a physique that would be the envy of 20-year-olds, and above all, he’s got good looks. Smooth and radiant skin, healthy skin and perfect complexion. thanks love?

Apparently not, Queen Consort Philip VI He follows a very special diet, which not everyone knows about. Eat one food every day.

what is he talking about? Let’s find out what the queen eats to always stay young and beautiful.

Letizia from Spain: the secret of her physical shape

Leticia from Spain He follows a specific and somewhat restricted diet, called… Perricone diet – From the name of its creator, an American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone – Or too Diet for face lift. The man promises to not only help you lose weight, but also notice noticeable effects on the appearance of your skin becoming brighter and firmer with fewer bags and dark circles. He works? Looking at the Spanish king you would say yes.

It appears that Felipe VI’s wife has been following her for years. This diet also seems to have the advantage of reducing inflammation, deflating and slowing down aging thanks to antioxidants. what is he talking about? What should or should not be eaten? It all depends on the perfect balance between proteins, iron-rich vegetables and good fats.

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Salmon diet
Salmon Superfood – StreetFoodNews

What we eat and what we get rid of

there Perricone diet Followed by Leticia from Spain Provides a large amount of Proteins And Removal From whole categories of foods, such as bread, flour in general, breakfast cereals, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. But also Some types of meat Such as beef, duck, and fruit Such as grapes, oranges, and watermelon. Even some vegetables They are banned, for example carrots and pumpkin, then peas, corn and potatoes. In short, a diet Very restrictive Which should not be followed for a long time. Although avoid any nutritional deficiencies Perricone He “loaded” some of them and put them up for sale Supplements To integrate with your diet. Which sells at exorbitant prices, obviously.

Aside from the obvious considerations that anyone might make in this regard, What Letizia from Spain eats specifically To get that radiant look and dazzling figure? It seems that the Queen Consort drinks fresh juice every morning for breakfast – that is, vegetable juice – three eggs and some Salmon. The latter is considered a superfood by diet Perricone, He is never absent from the wife’s table Philip VI.


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