Guy Stefan vs France and Denmark at the League of Nations: 'We're ready'

« Comment va Didier Deschamps?
I have called him regularly on the phone since Tuesday. It is clear that he was affected by the bereavement that befell him. But it’s strong, it’s solid. He won’t be here tomorrow (Friday) But he will be back soon. It’s in his family that he needs it too.

How has this week changed compared to preparing for the meeting?
The match was prepared in advance with Didier. We talked about it before the rally, in the beginning and we still talk about it frequently. Unfortunately, it is not here. With all the staff, we tried to ensure continuity until his return. That’s what he asked. The sessions were of good quality. The energy was showing despite a 55-game season for many. There was more than enough preparation.

She will face Denmark, and she will play twice after that. Is it a rehearsal before the World Cup?
Obviously it allows us to know them better but it also allows the opponent to know us better. I think it’s a team that’s been a bit underrated. Forget a bit that it is ranked 11th in the world. It’s better than Germany, Uruguay, Sweden and Senegal, at least in terms of rankings. We’ll have a lot to do tomorrow but we’re ready.

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“Tomorrow (Friday) there will be a team, another Monday”

By virtue of your position, you are close to the players. What do you think about the case of Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema?
I think we have a great attacking trio, with Antoine, Karim and Kylian. They are players who speak the same language. They are the scorers, the passers, and the players who have a lot of collusion between them. Antoine has already played 61 consecutive matches for the French national team, which is exceptional. Kylian and Karim also have amazing numbers. These are the players who give a lot to the France team. I hope they bring more in the coming months.

How do you manage four matches in eleven days?
There will be a rotation. tomorrow (Friday)On Monday, there will be another team, so that a large part of the players will be able to show their abilities.

Will Karim Benzema play?
I spoke to him, that’s right. Karim just had a session yesterday (Wednesday) Which was very entertaining. He had not previously participated. We still have time to discuss and see how he has recovered compared to his last matches.

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Five and a half months into the World Cup, do you feel the Blues are capable of getting a third star?
We are expecting there! It’s an important gathering in four matches. We won the League of Nations and the president wants us to go get that cup again. After this gathering, there was only one left, in September. The more it progresses, the closer we get, and all the players who will spend their playing time must express themselves as much as possible during this gathering. World Cup, you guessed it, that’s right. But that’s in six months. Before, there are four games to negotiate well. »


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