Japan, people continue to work in a company after the age of 70

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Of the 230,000 Japanese companies surveyed — all with more than 21 employees as of June last year — 25.6% said they had introduced systems to allow their employees to work after the age of 70. On the other hand, 20% of the companies surveyed said they do not implement strict guidelines for employees, so they can

Choose independently

Continuing work activities even after reaching retirement age. 4% canceled any choice obligation, e

On the other hand, 2% raised the age limits before retirement

. On the other hand, even from a legal point of view, the operations just described are perfectly legal. In fact, it was released in April 2021

The law requires companies to do what they can

To keep employees internally at least until the age of 70. Five years more than the state’s retirement age, which is 65.

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According to research by the National Institute of Population and Social Security,

By 2053 the number of Japanese will be less than 100 million

compared to about 125 million in 2021. Along with the decline in the birth rate, the increase in the average lifespan of citizens increases:

Seniors will account for 30%

of the total population in 2025, and 35.3% in 2040. According to data from the World Health Organization, the Land of the Rising Sun has the highest life expectancy in the world, equal to

84.3 years

, three years more than the OECD average. In Italy, which also ranks fourth in the ranking of OECD countries, life expectancy does not exceed 82.8 years.

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