green land.

The Danish Meteorological Service, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) said What an exceptional snowfall It occurs in the south-central part of Greenland, with the quantities considered historical, It was not disclosed before.

Furthermore it, The beginning of the thawing period Which reaches Greenland’s lower elevations, due to heavy snowfall causing A. Renewal of the frozen mass of the Great Antarctic

We have noticed this news Much speculation is by those who deny that climate change is causing global warming. They attribute this weather event to the cold climate. Actually they are just Climate change favors heavy snowfall in GreenlandAnd we’ve talked about this several times, in As far as turmoil Once they reach Greenland, they are found hail On their way and released Incredible amounts of ice.

However, it snows heavily in the uninhabited lands, and surveys are carried out through complex estimates.

This That should be clear, Is that the great snowfall occurring in Greenland is not a bad omen The emergence of any ice ageBut above all, they will not have any reflection on the evolution of the polar cap.

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