Près de 300 personnes ont manifesté vendredi soir en marge du meeting d'Eric Zemmour à Chambéry

They promisedWelcome group“To those in their sight”Not welcome“In Savoy. About 300 people rallied in front of Eric Zemor’s meeting in Chambery on Friday evening.. Everyone responded to a joint call from unions, unions and left-wing parties near the town hall in Pissi, a few hundred meters from where the meeting was to take place.

Anti-Jemmour rally at Pissy County Town Hall, a few hundred meters from the lighthouse © Radio France
Leah Girato

4,000 people at the lighthouse

After being identified a day earlier in Haute-Savoie Sponsored by Saint-Jeoire Mayor Antoine ValentinThe far-right candidate for the presidency then visited an agricultural company in the community of Marcellus, gathering 4,000 activists at the Chamber of Commerce’s performance hall.

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Demonstrators were placed at a respectable distance from the lighthouse where Eric Zemor’s meeting will be held until 9 p.m.

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