The confusing statements of a priest defined as nothing but an “influencer” unfortunately show a perversion even within the Church itself, to the point of hearing Satan define it as a “children’s fairy tale”.

Faced with a question that has always characterized Christianity, an answer of the kind given by a priest highlights how sometimes the danger unfortunately lies not in the loss of faith, but in true apostasy.

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The question of the existence of evil and the person of Satan is one of the oldest and most rooted questions in Christianity. His greatest deception is the belief that he was not there, as a great writer has argued, and unfortunately it seems that not only simple believers, but even devoted ones, risk falling into this trap.

The Church’s teaching is very clear about Satan

In fact, the Church gives a very clear teaching in this regardIt seems that Pope Francis himself is one of the rabbis who cited the reality of the evil one in his sermons and public interventions. A sign that Satan is now acting stronger than ever. However, in spite of this terrible remark, there are pastors of the Church who are tempted to hide the truth of the evil that attracts so many men and women into its clutches, to the point of concealing and minimizing it. Perhaps precisely because of this dangerous dilution.

In this case, the recent story regarding a similar fact has taken place causing a lot of debate in France, and as the blog Aldo Maria Valli has pointed out, hundreds of thousands of young people and teenagers seem to be terribly exposed to this spiritual ambiguity. Satan’s reality. At the center of the story is Father Matthew Gasseron, a young parish priest from the Diocese of Sens-Auxerre but above all devout and particularly active on social media.Including TikTok. In fact, on this Chinese platform known for its festive ballet, religious people have over a million followers.

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Boys and girls, young men in general but also men and women of all ages, who can listen and see the priest address the issues most important to him. Obviously, especially those related to faith and the Catholic universe. However, in the past it has been widely noted that his views are often a bit “strange”, in contrast to the true teachings of the Church. The danger lies in confusing many of his young followers And those who already have a strong faith resulting from a clear Catholic upbringing.

Shocking words on social TikTok

In particular, his sayings about the devil opened eyes. In a video also on TikTok, in fact, the priest went so far as to assert that the “traditionally” church-given teaching about the reality of Satan would be something similar to a “children’s story.” open heaven These are very dangerous words, given how prevalent evil is in society today And he does nothing but wait for the people who are thrown into a state of desertion and away from any defense, in which the certainties and truths of faith are manifested, so that they can drag them with them.

For the influential priest, on the other hand, mainly at the moment when Jesus in the Gospels cast out demons, was in fact doing nothing but healing people from some of their personal illnesses, for example of a psychological or emotional nature. nothing else. The words that angered many ah Which was widely refuted by the rector of the Church of Saint-Denis in Argenteuil, Father Guy Emmanuel Carriot, as well as the exorcist of the Diocese of Pontoise.

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In an article published in the Journal of the Holy Family, Father Carrillo made it clear that the real problem today is that the Church no longer speaks of the truth of the evil one, which, on the contrary, tends to hide it as much as possible. But unfortunately, In this way the reality of evil does not disappear at all, but, on the contrary, appears again more and more ferocious. For example, under a purely spiritual vein or worse, in the form of New Age cults, books about angels and other comforts.

Church teaching about the terrible reality of Satan

On the contrary, the teaching given by the Church in the Catechism is very clear, and clearly shows the Catholic doctrine about Satan. “Satan himself appears as an opponent of the divine project, which is to make man his children. Father Carriot said, “Satan is above all God’s opponent,” explaining that Satan leads man to accuse himself of all evil. The ultimate goal is very simple: the failure of the project of the divine nature of humanity, as happened with Adam but also with Judas.

Far from the mythical tales of antiquity which always present to us the principle of evil fighting against the principle of good, Biblical revelation presents Satan as an angelic creatureAl-Diny explains, then adds that unfortunately, “Satan’s lack of faith and knowledge unfortunately stems from a lack of interest and education in the angelic world, that invisible world of which we say in the Creed that God is the Creator.”

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“God does not make a bad angel”Father Carrillo explains. “Every angel commits his freedom only once (we who in due time can develop our freedom, not the angel). Lucifer, jealous of the project of paternal adoption of men, refuses service and is expelled from heaven with his angels “

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