there South Korea almost noticed 180 North Korean warplanes In more areas north Tactical line of action, the buffer zone on the border between the two countries. The Joint Chiefs of Staff South Korea announced that it did not take off in response About 80 of its planes. In the morning, the Seoul army announced that North Korea almost shot Eighty rounds of artillery In a “buffer” freely. All this happens after The barrage of missiles in recent days Which returned to raise tension around the 38th parallel. The army complains of a “clear violation” of the 2018 agreement that established the buffer zone in an attempt Reduce inter-Korean conflict. flood And the Washington They warned that the recent missile launches of Pyongyang can culminate in nuclear test And they extended them until Saturday Great joint aerobic exercises.

Tactical line of action

North Korea has the answer Fired Four short-range ballistic missiles. On September 9, Pyongyang took off set themselves up atomic energy. According to Seoul, Pyongyang’s planes They worked “in different locations”, both in the northern region of the border with South Korea, and over the seas. The fighters also flew there Tactical line of action. “The South Korean military maintains a firm stance to prepare for further provocations, by closely monitoring developments related to the North Korean military in close cooperation with the United States,” said the note issued by the South Korean Joint Command.

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