Italy is now wrestling with Dear EnergyWith big increases in bills for both businesses and families, and now a rift with Putin’s Russia could further exacerbate an already critical situation.

In the situation in which we find ourselves, therefore, the Russian gas It’s so fundamental, and our nation cannot afford to lose it. Concern was expressed by the president of Fise Assoambiente, formerly known as Enel ad Acea, Chicco Testa, who explained to ItaliaOggi how our country cannot do without the resources that come from Russia. According to Testa, in fact, we would seriously risk missing out on “post-Covid” GDP growth and wreck NRP investment. The main responsibility of Italian governments lies in the lack of a real energy policy.

What are you doing now? The common fear is that sanctions against Russia could lead to serious gas supply problems, even if President Putin intends to continue to guarantee supplies to global markets. Secondly Chico TestaIncreasing Italian gas production could help Italy, but not in the short term. Furthermore, “It would be necessary to dismantle a large part of the current legislation and, above all, remove the powers from all bodies that today interfere in the delegating procedure.“.”We are in an emergency“, says Fise President Assoambiente in no uncertain terms,”Not unlike that of Covid. We will need extraordinary laws with centralized powers. Otherwise, it will not come out“.

Testa emphasized that Italy could not refuse Russian gas. It is different for oil, as there may be other suppliers such as Saudi Arabia, but in terms of gas, Russia led by Putin is the number one source, and our country depends on Russian gas by about 40%. Germany, which recently suspended the license for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, did so because it also had many of its own sources, such as coal, nuclear power plants and wind power. In short, the Germans have one energy policy Able to support them in emergency situations.

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As for the renewable sources on the basis of the so-called environmental transformationThey will not be able to intervene in the short term. “Fossil fuels account for 90% of our energy consumption. Eliminating 90% of fossil fuel consumption will take half a century‘Testa says.’In short, ecological transformation is true, but it takes decades to prop up the economic system, it is not a magic bullet that solves all problems.‘, he adds.

Government interventions or not on the rise in bills, the Italian situation at the moment is very dangerous. Head of Fise Assoambiente explains that today our companies are experiencing energy costs tripled, costs that will inevitably pass on to consumers. This will lead to higher inflation, with exorbitant costs for families. Hence the need, according to Testa, to move forward Extraordinary laws.


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