Amazon already accepts Up Sí Vale and Edenred store coupons as a payment method in Mexico: this is how they'll work

Amazon has just taken a step further than expected by those receiving food stamps in Mexico. The e-commerce platform will finally accept them as a valid payment method when purchasing items, although not all are as expected.

According to Amazon Mexico, enabling food vouchers will pay off More than five million coupon card customers can pay for thousands of items. Specifically, the cards that will be accepted will be Up Sí Vale and Edenred.

There are prohibited items to pay with grocery coupons, in line with regulationsOf course, no alcohol product is an option, says Amazon Mexico. However, to purchase prohibited items, Amazon requires that customers He will be able to pay for purchases using a combination of cards Grocery coupons with credit or debit cards and of course Amazon Credit.

How to add a food voucher card

The process of adding a card is very simple. The user has to go to “My Account” and click on “My Food Stock Vouchers”. There you have to add the card information: the name of the card holder, the expiration date and the CVV security code of the card.

It is important to specify that the information on the food voucher It can also be added when processing a payment for an order.

In any case, Amazon explains that it is possible that when the coupon card is added to the account for the first time, the issuer may require a dynamic CVV code to verify the card. If so, customers will have to download the app from SiVale or Edenred, as the case may be, create an account and request a unique CVV code.

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In addition to alcohol, other products for which food voucher card balance cannot be used are digital content, such as gift cards, subscriptions, or e-books. If any product purchased with vouchers is returned, The refund will be processed as a credit to the gift card.


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