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Almost three decades ago Singles’ Day. A date in which the pride of celibacy or celibacy is manifested with a personal purchase, a gift for yourself. This display of self-love has spawned a trend that has taken advantage of stores and stores that have been able to take advantage of 9/11 around the world.

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This celebration was born in 1993, thanks to a group of students from Nanking University, in China. As the years passed, the activity of Singles’ Day spread to other study houses in the Asian giant until it became famous all over the world.

The selection of this date was not an accidental act, but was considered because it is the date of the year in which the greatest number of digits is concentrated one (11/11). As expected, the number one (1) in this case is the representation of one person.

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On the other hand, the main motive for this celebration is the intention to encourage bachelors and encourage them to socialize. For this reason, business and various types of activities are usually carried out in connection with Singles’ Day.

Since it is on this day that personalized gifts are given, Alibaba was one of the companies that knew how to take advantage of history. This company registered the trademark “11.11 one day” and also launched every 11th November in time special offers.

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In this way, Singles’ Day joins those already known around the world as Black Friday and Internet Monday, since all of these dates have something in common: they are days when different companies launch specials and hit their highest sales.

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