Destiny 2 will be off until 5pm today due to The Witch Queen

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is facing a late start (Image: Bungie)

The Witch Queen is out today but you won’t be able to play until late afternoon, and even then there will likely be login issues.

Today is a great day for Destiny 2, with the release of the main expansion The Witch Queen – one of the most important expansions in the long history of the game. Unfortunately, it will take almost a long time for you to actually play it.

The release date of The Witch Queen is Tuesday, February 22nd, but instead of going online at midnight, or at least early morning, the whole game has been down since yesterday and no one will be able to log in again until 5pm GMT.

So then, the developer Bungie warns Players will be queued and there will likely be login issues as background maintenance continues and everyone tries to login at once.

Bungie has at least given a fair warning of the turmoil but reading between the lines it looks like you should probably give up any hopes of playing the game today and logging in fresh tomorrow, even if that’s an odd way of dealing with launch day.

As an added matter, many PlayStation 4 owners are reporting an issue with downloading required content files during the downtime, and it looks like they’ll now have to wait until 5pm – a pain since they’re around 72GB in size.

To say the expansion is the most anticipated in franchise history isn’t an idle exaggeration either, with over a million pre-orders — which is unheard of just to add.

Most players were able to pre-load the expansion and were already warned that some content would be removed from the game as a result of the update, including a bunch of weird missions, triggers, seasonal activities, and the Tangled Shore.

This means that all Banshee-44 gunsmith materials will stop working as soon as you log back in, after maintenance, but at this point there’s nothing you can do about it.

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