Money Back, A $ 200 Million Fund For Planet Earth

As Earth Day approaches, Apple has launched the Restore Funds, a $ 200 million fund to protect the environment.

Credit: Sebastian Unrawe / Unsplash

Since Tim Cook took over as president of Apple, environmental protection has gradually become a major issue for the company. So it stands to reason that after putting in place a whole host of measures to reduce the environmental impact of its production (like removing the charger from iPhone 12 boxes, for example), Cupertino continues to make efforts in this area, with a new fund called “Take back the fund.”

Goal: carbon neutrality by 2030

The US bank Goldman Sachs and the NGO Conservation International together protect the environment, who would have believed it? However, Apple did. Through a “takeover fund,” Apple has reconciled its conservation partners with its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by the end of the decade. Concretely, the company is already intending to succeed in eliminating at least 75% of its emissions by rationalizing its production and supply chain. But to achieve carbon neutrality, it has yet to overcome the remaining 25%. This is precisely the point of “Money Back”.

“Nature provides us with some of the best tools for removing carbon from the atmosphere. Forests, wetlands and grasslands are pulling carbon from our atmosphere and storing it indefinitely in the soil, roots and branches.” Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, explains. “Money back” Therefore, it should be devoted to preserving forests and biodiversity, and supporting innovative projects in this field. By doing so, Apple also hopes to encourage “Investments in eliminating carbon around the world.”

Moreover, note that if you want to contribute to the collective effort, you can make a donation to the Conservation International NGO with every purchase made using Apple Pay until April 22, Earth Day.


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