while epic world of cans Should you join Microsoft’s wallet after acquiring Activision-Blizzard, life goes on in Azeroth. and even in Shadowlands, The name and place where the story of the last expansion took place. This one is on its last patch, with players winning over jailer, the last boss of the expansion that lasted at least 19 days after unlocking the raid on Legendary difficulty. The Echo Guild managed to defeat him after no less than 277 attempts. Today, it is a guide about the future expansion that only the source code of the official website of . revealed world of cans. Possible spoiler warning!

Extension name detected by mistake?

While Blizzard is scheduled to present its new expansion on April 19, the developers have updated the official website for world of cans. This did not escape many observers who were quick to analyze each line of code and find some interesting points. If there are rumors of an expansion focused on Dragon Aspects, it looks like this is already on the way. In fact, male Wow Dragonflight It is present in many places.

Three levels of extensions will be available: Basic, Heroic, and Epic. As a reminder, aspects of dragons are beings with very superpowers responsible for the control of the human species. Players have already dealt with many of their members in particular AlextrazaAnd the Malegus, or Nozdormo. At the time of this news, the source code in question has been removed by Blizzard. So we will have to wait until April 19 to find out more about the future date of World of Warcraft. Hoping to improve the continuity of writing now that it’s an arc sylvanas It seems to be over. What about new races and seasons to celebrate? Would you return to Azeroth if that was the case?

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In the meantime, you can find the final boss fight World of Warcraft Shadowlands less :


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