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(ANSA) – NEW YORK, Oct 28 – He left the mine and without the possibility of a shower rushes to the field to watch a basketball game with his son. Michael McGuire’s black work-wearing face did not go unnoticed in the stands of the Rupp Arena in Kentucky, and a photo taken by a fan went viral on social media.

According to McGuire himself during an interview, there were only 45 available time to arrive in time for the start of the match and for his son Easton to fully enjoy his first experience on the field.

“Either I would go straight there (to the stadium, Ed) – he explained – or I would have lost half the game to go home, shower and change.” So he decided not to risk disappointing the little boy and kept his dirty clothes as well as his all black face. The photo was also noted by coach John Calipari of the University of Kentucky youth basketball team who decided to give the whole family some VIP tickets. (Dealing).

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