Dragon Ball It is famous for its fighting games and RPG games, but now it is entering an asymmetrical multiplayer gaming area Dragon Ball: Crushers. This upcoming title will be released online on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022. Closed beta ‘soon’ on PC.

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The teaser appears for the first time in both game and cinematic footage intended to convey the tone. Seven human players have to escape from a powerful stalker character, dubbed the Rider, in this asymmetric multiplayer game. Humans have to hide and transform in order to evade the Raider as well as operate machines (such as missile ships) to their advantage. On the other hand, Raider is a dominant being and players can choose between Frieza, Cell or Buu. The trailer showed Cell using laser attacks with a large area of ​​effect as well as grabbing characters as soon as they got close to them. The cell, in its imperfect cell form, also consumed one through its tail and transformed into the second cell form. Perfect Cell appears at the end of the trailer. All three raiders would likely be able to transform.

This is also hinted at in his summary which states that seven ordinary people are stuck in a time seam and must find a supernatural time machine while the attacker becomes “stronger over time”. Survivors and invaders can also choose their own progression paths to unlock more perks and cosmetics.

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Looking at the style of the game, it seems to be reminiscent of titles like Friday the 13th or Died in broad daylight Which sees a dangerous figure chasing after a group of weaker humans.


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