Qatargate, Attorney Kylie: The money was from Panziri

With these statements, the lawyer commented on the article published in the Belgian newspaper le braceletAccording to a member of the European Parliament from the Socialist Party He allegedly admitted that he asked his father to hide his money which police later found in a suitcase at the time of the man’s arrest.

According to her attorney, Kylie claims she was tipped off about the money when her partner was arrested near their garage. At that moment, according to the lawyer, the former vice president tried to find the owner of the money, who was Panziri, to hand it over to him.

“One option was to turn her partner in to the police, and the other was to return the money to the owner. Kylie was not required to report her husband under European law,” the lawyer said. Dimitrakopoulos finally clarified that his client denies any involvement in the case, stating that “all the property in his possession is justified by his salary.”

The judges of Brescia: “Serious indications of the guilt of Panzieri’s wife”

In the meantime, the judges of the Court of Appeal of Brescia, in whose judgment he was The extradition of Maria Dolores Colleoni to Belgium was arranged (wife of former MEP Pierre Antonio Panzieri), she wrote: “There are serious indications of guilt.” The commission also rejected the defense’s request to verify the treatment of the Belgian prison, holding that “no serious and persistent problems were alleged to be a malfunction in the prison system”.

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The hearing for Panziri’s daughter has been postponed to January 3

The hearing was held before the Court of Appeal of Brescia to assess the extradition request of Silvia Panzieri, daughter of the former MEP under investigation (like her mother) to Belgium, for competing complicity in crime, corruption and money laundering. The judges accepted the defense’s request to check prison conditions in Belgium.

Confiscated apartment in Cervinia

As part of the investigation, the magistrate of Aosta issued a protective seizure order at the prosecutor’s request for an apartment in Bruel Cervinia in Valle Aosta. The apartment was purchased last April by Nakaz Development sprl, a company headed by Nicolò Figà-Talamanca, who is a key figure in the investigation, for 215 thousand euros. According to the investigators, the sale of the property could hide the money laundering that the Belgian investigators assumed.

Borrell sees the Qatari minister: “opinion polls shed light”

Meanwhile, a direct meeting was held in Jordan between the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Doha, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani. “We discussed bilateral issues and regional challenges, as well as other issues, including allegations against some members and staff of the European Parliament. We agreed that the ongoing investigations need to shed full light,” Borrell wrote in a tweet.


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