Chicken and Salmonella What You Shouldn't Do.  Health Hazard, Shock Alert - Libero Quotidiano

In the United States of America Salmonella alert. The alert was triggered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. public health watchdog, which issued a statement urging those who have poultry to exercise the utmost caution, especially on Do not accept or incubate backyard poultry Do not eat or drink around them. This can spread salmonella germs into the mouth and make you sick. “

The notice, according to what the newspaper reported USA Today Online He reported itAnsaAfter the investigation found that 163 people in 43 states have confirmed being infected with the bacteria. For now there will be no deaths, but the agency announced this A third of the confirmed cases so far are children under the age of five.

Specifically, salmonellosis caused by salmonella bacteria is an infection of the digestive system that appears with specific symptoms, namely: Mostly due to eating contaminated raw food. The most common symptoms are vomiting, pain, fever and diarrhea. Salmonellosis is mainly transmitted by eating food contaminated with infected faeces (from animals or humans) which, when seen and smelled, does not appear to show any defects. Foods that contain the bacteria are usually raw and of sheep origin.

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