Biden insulted live.  Frost is located in the studio

The downward trend in the popularity of the US president continues Joe Biden. Half of Americans, according to opinion polls, are dissatisfied with his work, and expect more from his election. There are those who believed it, those who stated it in the papers, and those who told the president over the phone instead. This came during the television event, which included some live calls from American citizens, to which the president responded. Among the many, a man revealed himself saying that his name is Jared and that he is a father of four. He chatted for a few minutes with the president in a very quiet manner, but when Biden and his wife Jill were by his side wishing him a happy birthday he replied: “Let’s go Brandon“.

Code attack on the president

Everyone immediately understood the offense, or rather the attack by Jared, who later found out it was a fictitious name, (that’s actually the name of Ivanka Trump’s husband Ed), he had addressed to the President. The first to realize this for herself generation She moved nervously in her chair and rolled her eyes. Biden responded in a curtly non-negative manner.I agree with you“. this sentence, “Let’s go Brandon, which became famous in recent months among supporters of the former president trumpIn the period when the battle raged between the two.

The symbolic phrase means “fu *** you”. It all started in October with a press slip of NBC During the interview with the hero of the car Brandon Brown. After his victory on the NASCAR circuit, while talking to the driver, he was overwhelmed by screams coming from the stands. The reporter commented:How do you hear the crowd say come on, BrandonWhen you hear clearly that people are screaming*** Folks Joe BidenSince that day, all Trump supporters, Republicans and Biden opponents, have used this symbolic phrase to insult the current president. The thing that many have mocked is the position of the current president after hearing the verdict. From his ambiguity, no one has yet understood whether he realized it or not. .

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