“I will bend to his will.”

“I don’t know exactly what relationships exist between them Georgia Meloni And UrbanHowever, I don’t think we can talk about a conflict.” Vittorio Veltri, Regarding Augusto Minzolini A Tonight Italy He said this on the program “Reti 4” in connection with what happened in recent days in Europe, when the Hungarian Prime Minister left the hall where the European Council was meeting regarding the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. It is Orban’s choice, which allowed the discussion to be given the green light.

Returning to the relationship between the Italian Prime Minister and Orban, the founder free He made a prophecy: “I’m sure it will happen sooner or later Orban will bend to the will Meloni.” Then, referring specifically to the Prime Minister, Veltri asserted that “she has proven, even on this party occasion (Atrio, ed.), that she is a person of public sympathy and respect. I saw a poll this morning that showed him getting a few extra points. This means that even though we are in government, and we know that those in government are always criticized, Meloni continues to go higher and higher.”

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Moreover, according to Veltri, Meloni “will arrive Until the end of the term Despite the harsh criticism from the left, which I completely understand, because the left is having a crazy hard time, while Meloni is sailing with the wind at her back. I believe that even at the international level, and in Europe in particular, he is able to impose his line and will, because they are convincing. Melonie will have more surprises in store for us.”

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