“I think I can write a book: How to shoot yourself in the leg in ten lessons From the beginning of the ninth episode of “Koh-Lanta, the legend” on TF1 this Tuesday evening, Clemence realized that he was not in a comfortable situation. .

Prior to that, Namadia quickly appeared on the Isle of the Outcast, where she confronted Kumba on stage. The taxi driver failed to solve his puzzle as quickly as his companion, and the final referee joined the house, leaving the adventure well behind.

At the reunited tribal camp, the candidates were tested by archery as a consolation game. In each round fire, the best must break the opponent’s arrow. A brutal mechanism usually triggers great moments of frustration and hatred. Especially for someone who loved this reward had a phone call. This version is very intelligent with measured reactions. When Bill broke his own arrow to stop Sam from doing it, we thought it would go into a spiral, but not in the end.

Alex is dishonest

True to his reputation as an archer, Sam shone again, losing to Dehiura in the final. The Polynesian chose him to share his reward, reaffirming his wish during the same event that took place on “Heroes Island” in 2020. There is nothing very interesting about this taste of Teja Woo, Dehiura released one of the most detailed jokes of this edition using a duet song with her young friend. கோவைக்காய்! “.

It should be noted above all that women were excluded one by one during the event to confirm how much male unity works in the “The Legend” edition.

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Thunder Club in Immunity Game: Finally removed on the spot, or sent to an expelled island, but it is unknown to adventurers. After Ugo’s stunning victory day by day, he was topped by Alexandra Krystel in the final fight. A real room in the face of Loïc, very close to Alexandra, who had already lost her close friend Bertrand-Kamala in a similar situation during the previous year “Co-Landa, The 4 Lands”.

During the meeting, Alex threatened, like Clemens, that he had no qualms about voting against the man who had saved her a few days earlier (after promising that she could not do it) which is why the game’s double winner will find Cumba and Alexandra in the arena next week.


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